Originally from India, YOGA is a discipline that includes body postures (asanas), breathing control exercises (pranayamas) and meditation exercises.

In Sanskrit, a traditional ancient Indian language, the word “YOGA” means “UNIFY” and symbolizes the union of body and mind.


A physiotherapist by training, I worked for 15 years as an independent physio, both in France and the West Indies. These years of experience have made me realize the importance of the relationship between body and mind, and which is not sufficiently taken in to account in our Western thinking.

Keen to keep learning and live new experiences, I left my physiotherapy activity and set out on a journey of geographical and spiritual discoveries.

During these trips, I obtained various certifications, including 200H Hatha Vinyasa Yoga in Indonesia recognized by the International Yoga Alliance, 60H Thai Massage (ITM School), a Vipassana meditation retreat in Thailand and also discovered the very real benefits of aloe vera. I have since been working, using my new skills and way of thinking in Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Belgium.

Today I want to share my experience, provide a different form of care and help people discover the benefits of yoga on the body and mind, to bring them well-being on a daily basis.

Back in Montpellier, I offer yoga classes and yoga / massage workshops with the FOREVER range of cosmetics, natural products made from Aloe Vera, for which I am a distributor.

This new professional adventure gives me the privilege of being able to share with you my greatest passions – traveling, caring, sharing and teaching.



If you want personalized coaching, offer a gift or organize an event (course, retreat, wellness workshop, demonstration of FOREVER products) near you, whatever your region or country, do not hesitate to contact me.


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